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Bees too!

Beehives Factory is an international brand of group CDA. With over 28 years of experience, both in national and international markets, we are present in the Spain, France and Switzerland. Everyday we put our best efforts in producing high quality hives and its components, providing a customized and proactive approach to our clients needs.

Our products

"In what we do we may not be the best, but no one is better than us"

Differentiation characteristics:

We use certified high quality pine and criptomeria wood, wich are very resistent to climate change.


Our roofs are termal and acustic isolated in zinc plate.

quadro (1).jpg

Our deep super frames are produced without wood knots, and built with four wires and six staples, what makes them more resistant and robust than an average frame.


The base of our bottom board is built in wood and can have fixed or detatchable flight ramp.


Âncora 1





"The best hives with that already worked! Attentive service,fast and on-time delivery.  I recommend... "

Âncora Rui
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