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All our hives are produced with high quality and certified pine or cryptomeria wood, making of the second about 40% lighter than pinewood. The supers, deep supers and bottom boards are built in cryptomeria.


The genious American farmer Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth created this model to honeybees, and nowadays, it is used all over the world.


The reversible hive is still the favourite of the Portuguese beekeepers for several reasons, like for example, the easy handling. It’s very common in the coastal and in the south part of the county.


This model was developed by an entrepreneur priest called Manuel Tavares de Sousa. After analysing several hives models that arrived in Portugal in the beginning of the XX century, he created a model that fitted his needs and called it “Lusitana”.


Langstroth, "Reversível" and "Lusitana".


The highly regarded beekeeper Charles Dadant created this model. In Portugal this model has the width and length of the Langstroth model and the height of the Lusitana model. 


The creator of this hive was the beekeeper priest Emille Warré. It’s a very practical and low maintenance

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