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About Us

Over 25 years of experience

With 28 years of experience in producing beehives and its components, Casa do Apicultor aims to distinguish it self by the quality and durability of its products.


Differentiation strategy

We focus on a solid differentiation strategy based on innovation, quality and costumer focus, with who we keep a close relation. We are always up to date with market needs and trends, assuring, proactively, our clients’ needs and expectations.

“Quality is Durability”

We use high quality pine (pinus pinaster) as main raw material, for being highly resistant to climate variations, make of it ideal to the durability of our hives and components. We also have great experience working with other types of wood like, for example, cryptomeria and paulownia.

The CDA Group already plays an important role in the sector in which it operates, with a presence in the Portuguese, Spanish, French and Swiss markets. 

In the last decade we have introduced Paulownia wood to the market, with in-depth knowledge of its use and treatment. Casa do Apicultor is a direct importer of Paulownia wood for the Iberian market.


We have a highly skilled and specialized team, as well as high technology equipment, that combined allows us to assure a highly efficient and fast production process, that can be adapted to customer needs.

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