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As a company, we try to have a dynamic, competitive and innovative performance in the market, making of our investment in technology and evolution, part of our differentiation strategy in order to assure to our clients the high-quality standards of our products.

Being this high-quality standard a constantly present in our company, we have a continuous quality assurance process on all activities, since the selection of the suppliers until the delivery of the final product to the client, in order to provide durable and of high-quality products.

In our corporate culture we have a strong client orientation, as well to other stakeholders, in order to exceed their expectations, without disregarding our social and environmental responsibility and focusing on improving continuously.

Our company is always looking of ways to improve our processes, and in order to do so, we are implementing the Quality Management System ISO9001:2015.

Aware of the importance of this continuous improvement and aiming to achieve high efficiency levels in all processes, we take an integrated approach to processes and try to development them continuously.

Our quality politics expresses our human resources full commitment in achieving high quality standards and applying its principles.

Paquímtro Casa do Apicultor
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